What To Do If Injured in a Truck Crash?

When that large truck whizzes by on the highway, it can be a bit nerving. Is it going to change lanes? Can the driver see you in the side mirror? The sheer size makes it a formidable foe on the road, and, if the truck driver crashes into you, significant damage could occur to you and your car. What should you do? There are people who might be able to help with vehicle repair and medical damage; however, for that to happen, measures need to be taken early to prove the driver’s fault and your right to reparations. Here are 4 things to consider if you’re in a trucking accident.

Contact Authorities

As soon as possible, call the police and have them immediately come to the scene. You’ll need their report to provide to your medical and car insurance company; therefore, it’s important that you speak with them, conveying as much as possible about the details of the incident. Be clear about how you handled your vehicle, and what may have caused the incident. Furthermore, the other driver may want to speak with you. Don’t make too much contact. Keep speaking at a minimum; in fact, try and stand off to the side, away from the road and the other motorist.

Take Pictures

Document everything. Grab your cell phone, and start snapping pictures of the scene. Is your car damaged? Snap close ups of any areas that need repair. Then, step back and get some video or pictures of the overall scene. Finally, don’t forget to evaluate the roadway and the other driver. Was he or she sleepy? Did something seem off about his or her behavior? Don’t hesitate to capture that on camera for others to see.

Hire a Lawyer

While at the scene, call someone for legal assistance. A Lake County truck accident lawyer can advise you on what do to next; some may even come to the scene or send a call to help transport you to their office or a medical facility.

Seek Medical Attention

In the first few hours of an accident, you may not feel any pain because of the emotional shock of the experience. No matter how you feel, get checked out by someone experienced with vehicular accidents.

Don’t wait to get assistance. Trucks, because of their large size, hit cars with great force, causing both physical damage and emotional trauma. It’s important to speak to someone who can help you during recovery.

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