Warnings Signs You Should Never Neglect When Hiring Personal Injury Lawyers

Statistics show us that you drastically increase the possibility of receiving compensation as an injury victim when you hire a personal injury law firm in Washington, DC. But, this does not mean you should hire the very first lawyer that you find on the internet.

The problem is there are many unethical and incompetent attorneys that take advantage of clients these days. You have to be careful and stay away from ambulance chasers and anyone that would not actually provide real value to your case. With this in mind, here are some clear warnings signs that you should never neglect when you hire a personal injury attorney.

Offering Guarantees

A very important thing you need to know about personal injury claims is that there is no guarantee of literally anything. The best lawyers out there will always tell you how likely it is that you win a case and how likely it is that you will get a specific amount of money. But, there is never a guarantee or an inflated number given to you.

Promised favorable results should be seen as a red flag that you have to look for someone else. At the very least, this means the attorney is not being honest with you.

Being Hard To Reach

The lawyer needs to be a true professional or you should never hire them. This is why you have to expect that calls are returned as quickly as possible and that you receive regular status updates in regard to your case.

If the attorney fails to often return calls fast and you do not get those regular status updates, it is a pretty bad sign. In many cases, it means that the attorney does not care much about your case and is not doing all that is necessary to help you. Also, it can be a sign that the attorney simply has too many cases to take care of, which automatically means you will not get the attention you need.

Expecting Payments

The best personal injury attorneys out there will always take cases with a contingency agreement. This practically means that payment will only be given if a settlement is reached. Legal fees will be deducted from the settlement and only after payment is received by you. Usually, the fees are a percentage of the amount gained by the attorney, not an hourly rate.

Also, such attorneys tend to review cases without you paying them. This offers information that is very important for you and lets you decide if the specialist is the right person for you or not. When the considered personal injury attorney is asking for any upfront payment or expects payments during the claims process, it is best to just stay away.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you notice the red flags highlighted, simply look for another attorney. The serious and reputable ones will always be professional and will communicate with you in a way that makes you feel comfortable. Always trust your gut instinct and if you believe you cannot trust the considered attorney, there is a very good possibility you are right.


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