Personal injury attorneys handle cases of injury and damages brought on by negligent actions or inactions of individuals, groups, and corporations. They must pursue and protect their client’s interest to the fullest extent of the law, and ensure that they are duly compensated for any damages they have suffered at the hands of another person.

However, not all attorneys handle all injury cases. Most attorneys specialize in specific types of injury suits. There are several kinds of injury lawsuits and different suits have different approaches to trying them. Thus, it is advisable to seek out attorneys that specialize in the particular case one is filing for.

Motor Vehicle Accidents Cases.

These cases include all vehicular accidents that include cars, bicycles, motorcycles, busses, and pedestrians. If it’s a means of transportation, it falls into this category. A personal injury attorney specializing in this category, like those at the Mike Morse law firm, will immediately begin to collect valuable information to help build his client’s case. A quick visit to the crash site to examine the vehicles and the extent of the dame, taking pictures, collecting eyewitness statements, retrieving security camera footage, weather, observing road and traffic conditions, and obtaining police reports are some of the major things he will begin to do to build his client’s case and ensure both the responsible party and insurance company pays up.

Medical Malpractice.

This is another specialized area of personal injury because it involves the medical field. In cases where a patient is harmed or even loses their life due to the error or negligence of their health care provider, the personal injury attorney in charge of the case is burdened with the task of investigating the series of events that led to the unfortunate incident. He must be able to prove without reasonable doubt that the medical personnel or institution was liable and is therefore required to pay heavy compensation to the victim or their family.

Product Liability.

Incidents of products people getting sick or being harmed by-products in the marketplace led to the creating of consumer protection laws. These laws insist that companies ensure that their products are safe for human consumption and if found to be contrary, they will be held liable and accountable for it. Product liability attorneys fight for clients who have been injured from using substandard and defective products. They investigate and prove that the victim’s experience is a result of the conscious or unconscious negligence of the manufacturer and will demand commensurate compensation for damages incurred.

Premises Liability.

A premises liability suit involves injuries sustained on the property of an individual or business. It is expected that everyone practices health and safety guides at home and work. If due to carelessness and negligence someone gets injured as a result of hazardous conditions, the owner of the premises where it occurred is liable. Examples of such injuries are slips and falls, inadequate lighting, faulty wiring, and poorly stationed objects. An injury attorney will try to prove liability and seek compensation for the injury sustained by his client as a result of the negligent behavior of the individual or business.


There are several more types of injury suits out there. For a client to improve their odds of winning, it is best to hire attorneys who specialize in the suit they are filing for. It prevents a lot of errors and misses and saves the time and energy of the parties involved.

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