The Life-Altering Effects of a Short-Term Disability

Life is notoriously unpredictable in many cases. There are countless instances where people go from having relatively hassle-free lives to experiencing events that cause them to suffer from short-term disabilities before they can even process what happened. When individuals haven’t gone through such disabilities themselves, they may think that the “short-term” aspect means that these issues are not severe.

On the contrary, short-term disabilities could have a multitude of effects on the victims, as well as their family members and friends. As such, it’s a good idea to get a legal consultation following a short-term disability so that a legal professional can listen to the specifics and give advice.

Inability to Do Things You Enjoy

Immediately after suffering something that results in a short-term disability, you may be in a substantial amount of pain and unable to think of anything but your discomfort. As your recovery progresses, though, you’ll likely become acutely aware that there are so many things the disability does not allow you to do that once provided so much fulfillment.

For example, when athletes get sidelined by injuries, they often experience things like anxiety, depression, and the fear of getting re-injured. If your disability stops you from doing things that make life more pleasant, whether playing with your kids or taking your dog for a walk in the park, it’s easy to become extremely distressed, sometimes to the point of hopelessness.

Unsettling Schedule Changes

Many people like keeping regular schedules. Sticking to a routine provides them with a sense of comfort. But, after you experience an event that leads to short-term disability, your schedule may suddenly be filled with doctor’s appointments, physical therapy sessions, and trips to the local pharmacy to pick up prescribed medications.

As mentioned above, you may also meet with legal professionals to get help with building a legal case. All of these obligations are undoubtedly necessary. But, they can initially feel overwhelming since you have to adjust to a schedule that’s unfamiliar to you.

You Could Be Unable to Earn an Income

One of the main reasons why people seek legal support regarding short-term disabilities is because they have questions about whether they’re entitled to benefits from their employers. The shock that can result from realizing that you are no longer able to support yourself and your family due to a disability can be severe. Stress can also result if you’re concerned about not being able to pay your bills due to the cessation of income.

Your lawyer can give you the details about how to apply and how much you should expect to receive. For example, after getting an approved claim for short term disability Nevadaresidents normally get amounts that are 67 percent of their lost wages. The money you receive from short-term disability benefits could help you make ends meet until you get back to work as usual.

Although a legal professional cannot tell you with certainty about the outcome of your case, that individual can assist you with filing all the necessary paperwork correctly to reduce the chances of getting turned down for benefits. Then, if you do get denied, a lawyer can assist you in making an appeal.

A short-term disability temporarily disrupts your life and the lives of the people who matter to you. Getting guidance from a legal professional after your incident could help you feel more equipped for what the future holds


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