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Do you have any legal issue it is troubling your life? Take up the service and hire a lawyer from Matthies Lawyers and get experience throughout your matter with continuity until the issue is resolved.  They have the practical common-sense approach combined with the expertise technically with a friend as well as an approachable relationship with the client.  The services include business and commercial law and they have been worked closely with the client who is ranging from the start-up to the small-medium enterprises in navigating their operations and business as well as setting up them. The lawyers also deal with the divorce as well as a family law and they will be provided with the best advice along with the assistance to make sure all the interests of the client are given proper protection through what is of a difficult phase of complete transformation in one’s life.

One-stop solution for any issue

Along with the above, they also provide the services legally in the dispute resolution as they have the experience which is extensive and washed in providing solutions to the business along with the personal disputes the customers or the client efficiently with minimum hassle. These qualified as well as the well-experienced lawyers will be dealing with the insolvency along with the debt recovery law and will be able to help in recovering the debts which are outstanding or to defend the claims which are brought by the trustees in the bankruptcy or the liquidators.

The lawyers of the attorneys here have the experience concerning the preparation of the Wills, powers of attorney provide documents as well as the deceased estates’ administration. in case the client is having any legal issue regarding the contesting they will be commencement or defense of a family maintenance claim on behalf of the client or the customer.

The law firm is the one-stop place for all the issues which are involved with the law providing guidance and assistance along with the business strategy services in corporate governance. This will be the best choice if you are going to seek help from the attorneys or the lawyers from Matthies Lawyers, the best in South Yarra. Don’t hesitate and wait long, its time to get in touch with our customer care and fix an appointment, get all the doubts and queries clarified. Whatever the issue may be either a corporate or a personal, there are the lawyers who are specialized and also experienced with all the qualifications to provide you the best advice.


Browse through the blog on the website of Matthies lawyers and you will be getting enough knowledge and information regarding kinds of cases and the solutions which are provided to them.


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