4 Ways How a Divorce Lawyer Can Aid You in Safeguarding Your Interests Post Annulment

Annulled marriages are retroactive, it is considered invalid, almost that the marriage has never taken place. When a marriage does work people of a certain region opt for annulment which is an appealing alternative over legal separation, divorce.

In order to receive an annulment the marriage needs to be invalid, and some of the categories under which it can be invalid are, either of the spouses is too young to marry. It can be annulled because of other reasons as well like either of the parties legally is already married, or it can be a case of incest or one spouse defrauded the other about something essential for the marriage and cases alike.  In case you are in Gurugram and require a divorce lawyer there you should avail the services of a divorce lawyer in Gurugram. They will be able to help you with a lot of benefits and also safeguard yo ur interests after the annulment.

An annulment returns both the spouses to their status before the marriage. To some instances, it can affect property right. The couples are having a divorce. They generally split their bills, assets and debts evenly. But in case of annulment, since they claim it never existed, it gets very difficult for either of the spouses to ask for rights over property that belongs to their spouse. Since most annulments happen after a brief period of time, property issues are minimal but are a vital topic for a divorce lawyer to talk about with the party. Another very important topic will be if any children are born to an annulled marriage. Those children are considered to be legitimate. The children will have the right to have financial support from the parents and can inherit from them under the rules of intestate succession.

1) Financial Aspects: The financial aspects can be kept in proper conditions when the marriage is annulled. A robust divorce lawyer can do this. The finances are a big thing of worry after a divorce or an annulment. This can be taken care of by a good divorce lawyer.

2) Child Support Aspects: If there are children between the partners then the separation becomes more hectic. Someone has to take care of the children or the child. The child support matters need to run in court, and one of the partners or both get to take care of the child.

3) Supporting and Dependent Partners: The aspect of supporting and dependent partners need to be decided by the court. You need to get a good divorce lawyer for the best results and to ensure that you get the best conditions out of the marriage annulment. This can be a crucial and decisive thing in which the divorce lawyers can help you in court.

4) Legal Separation Allowance: The supporting partner usually pays an allowance which is decided by the court. The dependent partner will be getting a separation allowance based on the court’s decision.

Annulment is a very time sensitive matter. If the marriage was void at the start but survives for years, afterwards a court may no longer be willing to annul the marriage. This can be a case when either of the spouses lied about their age to be younger then what they are, suppose the girl is 20 years old and claims to be 23 and asks for annulment when she is 23 years old then the annulment may not be accepted, and the judge may suggest divorce.

Lastly, the lawyer should aid the party if it’s a case of Bigamy or Fraud. If either of the party was previously married or one spouse defrauded the other about something essential for the marriage, they can be suggested to take legal support and ask for fair justice. It can be related to money or property or issues alike.

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