Criminal Attorneys Can Help You Fight for Freedom

No matter why you got arrested, when it happens, it can be a terrifying ordeal that makes you wonder what to do next. One thing you can do right away is to hire a criminal attorney and let him or her fight for your freedom. Anderson & Graham offers criminal defense counseling that will work hard for your benefit. Here are some of the types of crimes that almost always require a criminal attorney’s help.


Driving under the influence is measured with a breathalyzer or blood test that determines if a person is drunk driving. A Hayward criminal court attorney can help you understand the fines and penalties if you plead guilty. If you are innocent, he or she can help you fight a suspended license or jail time. The attorney knows what evidence is permissible and can help fight information that was illegally obtained, especially before it can be presented to a judge.


Domestic crimes can include violence, restraining orders, and children. When your relationship has a challenge, either physical or emotional, and the police are called, it almost always results in a domestic charge. Whether the charges are assault, abuse, stalking, or child neglect, a criminal attorney can help you fight the accusations and evidence. They can also help get the case dismissed if the charge was false or you acted in self-defense.


Allegations of identity theft, computer crimes, mail fraud and bank robbery are often considered federal crimes that require a criminal defense attorney to help fight for your case. Federal crimes often have high conviction rates and very severe penalties, so it is best not to tackle the case on your own. This is especially true if you have a federal drug charge due to manufacturing or trafficking.


Whether it was self-defense, accidental, or vehicular man slaughter, the result of a homicide charge is typically the outcome of taking someone else’s life. Considered the most serious charge under the law, you could face years behind bars if convicted. For that reason, it is important to find a criminal defense attorney as soon as the charge of murder is levied against you. Since this is considered a violent crime, your attorney can work to get bail set to insure you don’t spend months behind bars even before your trial.

When you need the strong legal representation to fight a criminal charge, find a criminal defense attorney to help in your legal battle. You don’t have to face this difficult time alone; your attorney can help you through it.

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